Case Studies


LeMaitre design and manufacture stage pyrotechnics and smoke machines in their UK premises and have been leading innovators in the field since 1977.

They have provided some of the greatest stage spectacles the world has ever seen.

We have supplied LeMaitre with their safety critical precision machined components for 20 years.

Reasons for our successful co-operation include our careful control of costs in order to keep any price increases to a minimum, year after year.

Our quality controls mean that we have never needed to raise a non-conformance report and LeMaitre can rely on the components we send them to fit directly into their assemblies.

We have assisted in their new product design processes, being consulted about prices and cost lowering suggestions on machined components before designs are finalized for production.

We supply several LeMaitre components as sub-assemblies fixing the mating parts and ensuring overall assembled dimensions are compliant.

“People often ask why I do not source our precision components from the Far East. But buying from Level Developments we find communication is easier, delivery costs and times are negligible and we have always received components to the stringent quality standards we need.

It is easy to have a face to face meeting, for instance when we are developing new products and want to talk through manufacturability and cost details.”

Todd Stoneham – Production and Purchasing Manager


Flotec offer ultrasonic flow and energy meters delivering industry leading performance with non-intrusive external clamping.

We were approached to machine the sensor housings integral to the ultrasonic measurement of flow of fluids in pipes in PEEK thermoplastic material.

We understood how dimensional accuracy was essential to performance. As the housing conducts ultrasonic waves all dimensions are tightly controlled to avoid destructive resonances.

The critical flatness of the main sensor surface was achieved by careful machining strategy and measurement.

Our challenge was also to machine 0.5mm thick fins to a depth of 8mm for the damping system.

We enjoyed working with this material and found that a well-developed machining strategy allowed all features to be achieved with full control and great finish.

“I am very pleased I approached Level Precision for supply of this product. Previous suppliers had struggled to achieve the flatness necessary on the main interface surface; perfect contact is required for the Piezo-Composite sensor.

I also realize that the fin design required very careful machining.

After a successful assembly of my first order I was happy to place initial runs of new designs with them in the confidence that my design intentions would be understood.

The components also looked great.”

Phil Rydin-Orwin – Managing Director


Hydrajaws develop and manufacture a range of portable testers and accessories for establishing the holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials across industry worldwide.

In recent years we have been supplying full component sets for various tension meters. We deliver the components anodised, assembled and ready for use.

Their load spreading bridges use telescopic legs to achieve even spread of pressure when measurements are taking place.

When a new higher force tester was being developed a new leg design was introduced with several improvements suitable for the higher specification.

We were able to improve our machining methods for the new design and offer the same price as for the simpler design.

This allowed Hydrajaws to introduce the improved version across the full range of testers, improving service to their customers and reducing their stock inventory.

“Level Precision have been supplying us with very good products at very competitive prices. They are happy to get involved and offer design suggestions that can keep costs down by simplifying machining.

They have been responsive to our needs when our requirements exceeded expectations.

We receive complete components ready for use by including surface finishing treatments, assembly of helicoil inserts and accurate fitting of inclusive level vials in our order.”

Helen Walsh – Production Planning Manager